Why Junior Tennis Rankings mean absolutely nothing!

Have you found yourself worried about your junior tennis ranking? Trying to take any strategy possible to beat a player of a lesser ranking, because you are worried that if you play aggressively you might lose and hurt your ranking? We have all been there. Junior Tennis rankings are unfortunately a reality, and many times they become the most importance influence on a juniors game and identity. It is very easy to get trapped in the rankings game. I remember worrying about my ranking as a junior every time I stepped on the court. Many times this caused me to try to push the ball or play it safe instead of working on improving my game. In the long run this hurt my game. If you are a junior tennis player or junior tennis player you need to watch this video and learn exactly why junior tennis ranking mean absolutely nothing!

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1 Responses to “Why Junior Tennis Rankings mean absolutely nothing!”

  • Well said, Jay. Maybe the USTA should eliminate ranking’s until the 14’s. Something to think about. Great post and great advice!

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