What to tell your kids before they play a junior tennis match

Do you ever wonder what your role as a parent should be during tournament tennis? Are you supposed to give your kids advice on how to play the match, try to pump them up, etc? This can be a confusing topic for many parents. Even though intentions are good sometimes giving advice can add pressure and expectations on juniors before they even start the warm up. Listen to this short segment with Christy Hey from the www.JuniorTennisBlog.com and help your junior have the confidence they need to succeed.

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3 Responses to “What to tell your kids before they play a junior tennis match”

  • This is great advice for parents. It could only be delivered by a junior player or former junior player. It would seem that kids want advice from their parents, but they usually don’t. They want advice from their coach, but love and support from their parents. Thats it. No more,no less. Follow this advice and your kid will be playing tennis until he/she is 90. Ignore it and when college is over he/she will never pick up a racquet again. Thanks for another great post, Christy. See more of Christy’s video interviews (full length interviews) at http://www.juniortennisshow.com

  • Good Advice! Very simple yet so important. I wish parents could really grasp the impact they have on their children – positive and negative. Keep up spreading the word.

  • great advice but so tough to follow! i often find myself, even though i should know better by now, saying things like, “remember what your coach said about blah blah blah” or “it’s cold out there tonight. beat this guy quickly!” my son has gotten pretty good about telling me that he knows what to do and that he just wants me there for moral support – that usually stops me in my well-meaning tracks!

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