What should I be eating as a Junior Tennis Player?

I know growing up I always tried my best to eat healthy before matches, but it seemed like I never really knew the facts about nutrition. What is best to eat before a match, during a match and especially after a match? I did my best to read books and talk to other players, but it seemed like everyone had different opinions on nutrition. That is why we are so excited about the www.juniortennisshow.com  interview with Page Love.  Page is a registered dietician and sport nutrionist with the ATP and WTA tours. She knows exactly what players should be eating, and covers every aspect of nutrition in her interviews. We are very excited to have monthly contributions from Page and look forward to helping junior players around the world understand exactly how nutrition can help them become better players!  Jay Travis, www.juniortennisshow.com

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28 Responses to “What should I be eating as a Junior Tennis Player?”

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  • Hi there! I think junior tennis players not only need to eat properly before they play, but while they play….very often, a match can last for 3 hours. If the junior ate his prematch meal 2 or 3 hours before, they could easily, “bonk”! “Bonk” is a cycling term that means runnning out of glycogen reserves and fuel. I like to have my players eat fruit in between change overs . Powerbars and gels are good as well….Cheers!

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