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Junior Tennis Parents: 7 Deadly Mistakes

Forty-years ago I started playing competitive junior tennis, and it was an experience that changed my life and impacts everything I do to this day. The interesting thing is junior tennis parents are still making the same mistakes with thier kids. I call them the 7 deadly mistakes, because they can have repercussions for a lifetime. This is why I co-founded the junior tennis show, along with Jay Travis and Christy Hey, two outstanding former juniors from Florida State University. Junior tennis presents a much larger opportunity than most parents realize; far larger than making it to the pros or even getting a college scholarship. Teaching pros and coaches rarely address this huge opportunity. Not because they don’t recognize it, but because they know kids wouldn’t understand it and parents are usually more focused on winning and rankings. Listen to this audio post. It could literally change your childs life.  I’ll look forward to your comments.    Steve Siebold  ( 9:00 )

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