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Interview with MaliVai Washington

The www.juniortennisshow.com just had the amazing opportunity to sit down and talk with MaliVai Washington. We talked about everything from his junior tennis experience all the way up to his Wimbledon final in 1996. It was so intriguing to hear how much his younger years in the sport ultimately lead to his success as a professional. Talk about a great tennis player and an even better person. Mal grew up playing with Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Jim Courier and Todd Martin. In the Pros he achieved a career high ranking of #11 in the world. Now he is changing lives for the better on a daily basis with the MaliVai Washington Kids Center in Jacksonville, Fl.

If you are a current junior player or a parent and have always wondered how the top players get so good you have got to see this interview. Where else but the www.juniortennisshow.com can you listen to how a player handles the pressure of playing in the finals of Wimbledon, or hear exactly how a successful pro trained in the juniors? Watch this interview and come back and give us your feedback on this blog. Thanks for being a part of the Junior Tennis Blog and Junior Tennis Show!

Jay Travis, Junior Tennis Show.com

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