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Serena Williams Outburst —and the verdict is…..

Linespeople Await Serena Williams US Open Outburst Verdict

by Lynn Berenbaum

The investigation into Serena Williams’ outburst at the US Open has taken over two months, and no group has waited longer to hear the verdict than the officiating community, many of whom see the verdict as a referendum on player abuse for the future.

USTA president Lucy Garvin told the AP today that Grand Slam administrator Bill Babcock’s ruling is now expected “within weeks”.

Serena was fined $10,000 after her profanity-laced outburst at a lineswoman during her semifinal against Kim Clijsters. No group — fans, tennis officials, or the press — has been more silently and eagerly awaited this verdict than the those who call the lines.

According to one source who spoke with the lineswoman in question after the incident, “Serena foot-faulted into the blue and [the lineswoman] had absolutely no choice but to call her on it. We get graded on accuracy so it’s important to get it right. Otherwise we won’t get work.”

One person told me, “The Serena thing wouldn’t be an issue in the NBA or NFL. We know there’s a lot on the line for the players, but the behavior from some of them is really getting out of hand. Her mistake was that she was on TV.”

As to what punishment might come of her outburst, most of the officiating people I talked with are skeptical. A few thought that a no-tolerance example might be made of Serena; while many seem to look unfavorably upon the duration of time that it took for the investigation, during which time Ms. Williams was allowed to play the WTA’s Year End Championship and ended the year with record-breaking prize earnings, as a sign that she won’t be treated harshly.

“The fact of the matter is that whatever they give her will probably be a joke. She’s a multi-millionaire. Even if she misses a few Grand Slams, or even an entire year, that’s not a big deal for her.”

“The fans come to watch tennis, and we try to keep play moving so they get to watch it. We just hope that something like this doesn’t happen again.”

We all look forward to seeing how this eventually plays out.

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Does Professional Tennis need a shorter season?

It seems like the professional tennis season never ends. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great thing for tennis fans. However, as a former player I can also appreciate how difficult it is to never truly have a break. I often wonder how much higher the level of intensity would be from the top pros if there were less tournaments during the course of the year. Less time traveling, practicing and playing could translate into less injuries and more intensity from todays professionals. Then again, as a fan, tennis sure would be missed during the “off-season” if there was ever one implemented. This has been a hot topic among players, and one debate that is sure to continue.

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Avoiding Tennis Elbow

Anyone who has had the misfortune of getting tennis elbow realizes just how painful this problem can be. Not to mention how long the injury can last. Many tennis players miss weeks if not months because of this pesky injury. The www.juniortennisshow.com recently spoke to Jason Riley,the director of athlete performance at the world famous Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa Fl, about different ways to avoid this injury. He walked us thru the exercises he teaches some of the top juniors and professionals in the world. These exercises will not only strengthen injury prone areas but also specifically target the tendons and muscles that are prone to tennis elbow. This is an interview that every tennis player needs to see. Watch it today at www.juniortennisshow.com!

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Interview with MaliVai Washington

The www.juniortennisshow.com just had the amazing opportunity to sit down and talk with MaliVai Washington. We talked about everything from his junior tennis experience all the way up to his Wimbledon final in 1996. It was so intriguing to hear how much his younger years in the sport ultimately lead to his success as a professional. Talk about a great tennis player and an even better person. Mal grew up playing with Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Jim Courier and Todd Martin. In the Pros he achieved a career high ranking of #11 in the world. Now he is changing lives for the better on a daily basis with the MaliVai Washington Kids Center in Jacksonville, Fl.

If you are a current junior player or a parent and have always wondered how the top players get so good you have got to see this interview. Where else but the www.juniortennisshow.com can you listen to how a player handles the pressure of playing in the finals of Wimbledon, or hear exactly how a successful pro trained in the juniors? Watch this interview and come back and give us your feedback on this blog. Thanks for being a part of the Junior Tennis Blog and Junior Tennis Show!

Jay Travis, Junior Tennis Show.com

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2009 Eddie Herr International Tournament this month!

2009 Fact Sheet
Main Draw (18s, 16s, 14s) November 30 – December 6
Main Draw (12s) November 28 – December 4 No Qualifying Event
Qualifying (18s) November 28 – 29
Qualifying (16s, 14s) November 27 – 29
ENTRY PERIOD: September 8 – October 10, 2009. Player may register online at www.eddieherr.com.
Entry fees (US$) MUST accompany entry. $65-18s, $115-12s,14s, & 16s, Includes singles, doubles, & mixed.
VENUE: IMG/Bollettieri Academies, 5500 34th West, Bradenton, FL. USA 34210.
OFFICIAL BALL & SURFACE: PENN, Heavy Duty 35 Hard Courts
AGE & ELIGIBILITY Participants must submit a written ENDORSEMENT from their National Tennis Federation to the
tournament office via email or fax. USA PLAYERS: Your USTA Membership # confirms your endorsement. You do not need
to contact the USTA directly. DUAL CITIZENSHIP: USA Players may not represent a nation other than USA in order to
remain eligible for USA National Competitions. The USTA does not recognize “Dual Citizenship” for players competing in the
USTA National Tournament Program. Note ITF age eligibility differs from USTA.
(18s) – Born on or after January 1, 1991 (16s) – Born on or after January 1, 1993
(14s) – Born on or after January 1, 1995 (12s) – Born on or after January 1, 1997
ACCEPTANCES into Main Draw & Qualifying will be sent to Federations & posted on www.eddieherr.com, November 4.
Acceptance Criteria: (18’s – ITF, WTA, ATP); (16’s,14’s,12’s – Combination of ITF, ETA, CoSAT & Federation “Order of
Merit”). ONLY players in Singles may play doubles & Mixed. Eight (8) players qualify for main draw in 18’s, 16’s, 14’s.
DRAW SIZES: 18’s, 16’s= 64 draw; 14’s= 96 Draw, 12’s=128 Draw. QUALIFYING draws are same size as main. Doubles
Draws are 1/2 size of singles. Doubles and Mixed is 8 game pro set with “set” tiebreaker at 8- All, except for 18’s, which are 2
of 3 sets; set tiebreakers at 6-all.
SIGN-IN: ALL players must sign in at the prescribed times at the IMG Academies. Per ITF regulations, players not signed in
will be REMOVED from the draw. Match times will be posted at the tournament site and online approx 2 hours after close of
SIGN-IN. FOR DOUBLES, Players must sign-in (TOGETHER, in person) at the times below.
QUALIFYING SIGN-IN (18s) Friday, November 27 2:00 – 6:00 PM
QUALIFYING SIGN-IN (16s, 14s) Thursday, November 26 11:00 – 2:00 PM
MAIN DRAW SIGN-IN (18s,16s,14s) Sunday, November 29 11:00 – 2:00 PM
MAIN DRAW SIGN-IN (12s) Friday, November 27 11:00 – 2:00 PM
DOUBLES SIGN-IN (18s,16s,14s) Tuesday, December 1 9:00 – 2:00 PM
DOUBLES SIGN-IN (12s) Saturday, November 28 10:00 – 2:00 PM
SANCTIONS: All events will be conducted in accordance with ITF rules and regulations. ITF ranking points are awarded as
a “Category I” ITF event in 18s division only. USTA Sanction is NATIONAL Level 3 for all events.
PLAYER HOSPITALITY: Complimentary housing for the U18 MAIN DRAW Players and 1 Official Federation Coach
begins Sunday, November 29 in Private Homes. Players must report in person Sunday between 2:00 pm-3:00 pm at
tournament desk. Complimentary lunch for U18 MAIN DRAW begins Monday. Complimentary hospitality is extended one
AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION can be arranged by contacting the Academy BEFORE arrival. (941-755-1000).
Sarasota/Bradenton Airport is 10 minutes from IMG. Tampa International Airport is approx 90 minutes from IMG. Players
are responsible for airport transfer fees.
DRESS CODE: ITF mandates proper tennis attire. T-shirts NOT permitted. ITF Code of Conduct will be enforced.
MAIN DRAW FIRST ROUND SCHEDULING: 18s, 16s – first rounds Nov 30 & Dec 1. 18s & 16s players participating in the
USA NATIONAL OPENS may request a Tue starting time by fax or email to the tournament office ON Friday, November 27.
14s first round – Monday, Nov 30. 12s first round – Saturday, Nov 28.
12 & UNDER DIVISION INFORMATION: Saturday, Nov 28 – Dec 4. 128 Singles; 64 Doubles; No Qualifying. Registration:
Friday, Nov 27, 11:00 – 2:00 PM. Players NOT SIGNED IN at the close of registration will be removed from the draw and
replaced with on-site alternates. On-site alternates PRESENT AT THE CLOSE OF REGISTRATION will be DRAWN BY
LOTTERY for vacancies in the draw 30 minutes after the close of Sign in.
WITHDRAW DEADLINE & REFUNDS: Written withdrawal notices must be sent to the tournament office by November 13
for refunds. Alternates not gaining entry will automatically be refunded. Refund checks will be mailed December 20 to the
address used for registration.
OFFICIAL HOTELS: Go to www.eddieherr.com for accommodation options, pricing and contact information.
Complimentary transportation is provided between these hotels and the IMG Academy.

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What should I be eating as a Junior Tennis Player?

I know growing up I always tried my best to eat healthy before matches, but it seemed like I never really knew the facts about nutrition. What is best to eat before a match, during a match and especially after a match? I did my best to read books and talk to other players, but it seemed like everyone had different opinions on nutrition. That is why we are so excited about the www.juniortennisshow.com  interview with Page Love.  Page is a registered dietician and sport nutrionist with the ATP and WTA tours. She knows exactly what players should be eating, and covers every aspect of nutrition in her interviews. We are very excited to have monthly contributions from Page and look forward to helping junior players around the world understand exactly how nutrition can help them become better players!  Jay Travis, www.juniortennisshow.com

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Junior Tennis Show interviews John Isner

 The www.juniortennisshow.com  just got done with an amazing interview with current ATP touring professional John Isner for month 2 of the show. John talked to us about his junior tennis experience and how he got started in the sport. He talked about how he trained in the juniors and how many tournaments he played on a yearly basis. John was also one of the best college players in the country during his time at Georgia. He was a 4 time All-American and was ranked as high as #1 in the country. Listen to what John has to say about going to college versus turning professional.

If you are a current junior player or a parent and have always wondered how the top players get so good you have got to see this interview. Where else but the www.juniortennisshow.com  can you listen to how a player handles the pressure of playing Roger Federer in the U.S. Open, or hear exactly how a successful pro trained in the juniors? Watch this interview and come back and give us your feedback on this blog.  Thanks for being a part of the Junior Tennis Blog and Junior Tennis Show! Jay Travis, Junior Tennis Show.com

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www.JuniorTennisShow.com Goes Live!

The long awaited launch of the Junior Tennis Show.com is over. Junior tennis parents and players from around the world began logging in to www.juniortennisshow.com at 9am EST Friday, July 10, 2009 to watch video interviews with some of the biggest names in tennis. This month we sat down with former USA Davis Cup Captain/USA Olympic Coach Tom Gorman; former ATP top 10 player and two-time Australian Open Champion Johan Kriek; UCLA Head Coach Billy Martin, and a host of other experts all talking about one thing: How to maximize your child’s Junior Tennis Experience. And if you’re interested in  a college tennis scholarship, don’t miss this month’s interviews. We’re asking some of the biggest coaches in college tennis exactly what they are looking for and how to get their attention. Some of these scholarships are worth close to $200,000. Listen to this 5-minute audio post, and then watch Christy Hey’s 4-minute video overview at www.juniortennisshow.com. Watch some of the interviews with our experts and come back and give us your feedback on this blog.  Thanks for being a part of the Junior Tennis Blog and Junior Tennis Show! Steve Siebold, Executive Producer, Junior Tennis Show.com

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