Making the most of the Changeover

Learn how to take advantage of every possible scenario in a tennis match by watching the Junior Tennis Blog. In this episode we discuss how to make the most of the changeover. In the extremely competitive world of junior tennis, any little area that can gain you an advantage will make a huge difference. Listen to the ways you can use these quick breaks in a match to gain a competitive edge on your opponent.

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1 Responses to “Making the most of the Changeover”

  • Jay,
    Great post! I love the note card idea. I wish I would have thought of that! On a side note, what do you feed those arms? Your arms are bigger than my legs. You BEAST! :)

    I never gave much thought to changeover strategy, besides resting, but you make a strong case for revisting. I hope all the juniors will watch this post and utilize these techniques.

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