How to be the best Tennis Parent possible!

You hear it said over and over again- “be a better tennis parent”. You may wonder how do I actually accomplish this, or how to I improve what I am currently doing? Christy Hey,with talks about her junior tennis career and the things that her parents did to help her through the pressure of competitve junior tennis. Parents have the ability to change their childs experience either for the positive or negative. I think parents underestimate what an imprortant role they play in shaping not only their childs tennis career, but also their life. Listen to this blog and learn four important tips to help you and your child.

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6 Responses to “How to be the best Tennis Parent possible!”

  • Great advice, Christy. If only every junior tennis parent in the world could hear your message. Great job!

  • Hi Christy,
    you just pointed out seveal important issues concerning the relatopnship between parents and juniors.
    I believe parents support, model, involvement, is pivotal in the tennis player carreer development. Parents can be so involved in a junior carreer that it becomes almost impossible for them to get detached from results. It is as if by seing their kids loosing a match, missing a shot, they are seeing themselves failing their role as “good parents” and seeing their projects falling down. In my experience I found that most parents get short term views over their kids tennis development and they overrate performance results versus tennis and personal growth.

  • You are exactly right Federico! It seems like so many parents try to live vicariously through their children and end up doing long term damage emotionally from their behavior. Hopefully this blog will provide some insight and help parents who struggle with these issues. Thanks for your insightful comments!

  • Unfortunately Jay there are several mental courses around for kids and extremely few for parents. Situation is that parents need mental aid more than players…… .Clubs, academies and federations somehow lack of interest for tennis player parent development and good influence on kids. It is a shame and a big damage too. Parents are essential and pivotal in kids character and sportive development.

  • Very well said Federico! I don’t think parents fully grasp the impact that they have on their children when it comes being a “tennis parent”. This impacts many many children to the point of affecting their lives for the worse in all aspects of life, and leads to burnout for many junior tennis players.

  • I perfectly agree Jay. But now the point is: what do we do with that knowledge? That is: how can we (tennis educators) help parents to be better tennis parents? What actions can clubs undertake to improve parents awareness? What policy can federations set to promote parent understanding and exploitation of the genitorial role?
    These are essential issues which involve another critical aspect of the discussion which is: what is the role and place of sportive education in modern culture?

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