Burnout in Junior Tennis

Burnout is something that most tennis players feel at some point in their career. Many players eventually end up taking time off from the sport and a large number put down the racket and never touch it again. I was able to speak with John Isner, currently number 19  in the world, about how he has been able to avoid burnout throughout his career.  His love for the sport and interest in other things has kept tennis fun and fresh for him.  Listen to this blog and learn how you too can avoid burnout. This is a must listen for all competitive junior tennis players and parents.

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1 Responses to “Burnout in Junior Tennis”

  • Great Job on this video post, Christy. I wish I would have had this type of information growing up on junior tennis circuit. For everyone following this blog, be sure to watch Christy’s full length video interview with John Isner at http://www.juniortennisshow.com

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